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  • Jay Jung(Jaehwan Jung) is borned in the capital of Korea, seoul on april 13th 1995

  • He lives with his mom and dad and has no siblings.
  • He came to Bellevue Christian School2009 and he was 8th grader at that time. He first learned aviary, google docs, wikia in webpage design class. The teacher's name is Mr.Jones.

  • Since he became a freshman, he wants to do so many things.

He is trying his best to keep the high GPA score to go to awesome college. Because of that he is having a lot of stress. He wants to go to University of Washington or Stanford, and go to law school after that. Also he is preparing for the driver's licnese written test.\

Jay's Blog[]

Blogger.com -about Korea

calculator APP

Final html

What Jay wants to be[]

  • Jay wants to be a lawyer, businessman, novelist and maybe make a car related blog and other things.


  • He always think about what he wants to be.
  • He really likes cars.
  • He enjoys to ride motorcylce
  • School grades.
  • He enjoys sports


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