Room D101

Room D101 is the computer lab the BCS Web Technologies is taught in. There are a number of computers and monitors, as well as desks and chairs.

Classes taught in D101:

  • Web Technologies
  • Tech draw
  • Video Editing

Teachers who teach in D101:

Notable Students:

Notable Recent Events in D101:

  • The Kevin-Peter Mutual Troll: Kevin and Peter both trolled each other, creating much hostility. Kevin maintains that he was merely defending himself against the attacks and vandalism of Peter, and Peter states that Kevin trolled him first, and that he was justified in trolling him back. Tom Lemon then called Kevin a "F****** troll," and said that Kevin's actions were indicative of a "F***** troll" and that Kevin needed "To go die in a hole." In the efforts of the peace talks, Kevin made no statement in direct response. When asked why, he said that "Revenge is a confession of pain" and reportedly moved on. On his personal page Kevin said that he hopes that all trolling is over with, for the sake of the class. Peter refused to give a statement, but on his page, said that one of his ambitions is to "Crush Kevin in the Troll war." When asked, Kevin said that he was "Sorry that it had to come to such hostility and that he has no hard feelings toward Peter."
  • The Erik Jones Resolution: Mr. Jones made Kevin and Peter end their troll war. Kevin thinks that the peace talks are a step in the right direction, and Peter seemed to be OK with them as well. Kevin has said that he feels that stronger sanctions are needed to properly enforce the anti-troll proliferation treaty.
  • The Tom Lemon Scandal: Tom Lemon made several inflammatory comments about Kevin, which Kevin did not reply to.
  • The Kevin-Paul debates on memes
  • Class being taught by Mr. Jones
  • Matt Payne being on time
  • Class discussion on memes
  • The Aviary work day
  • The malfunction of the smart board


  • Room 101 is also referenced in George Orwell's classic book, 1984. Room 101 was the room where "Your worst fears came true."


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