Erik Jones

Erik Jones is the coolest teacher ever. He enjoys playing with Wikia during class, thus the birth of this page and editors.

He was born April 6, 1974.

In addition to being a teacher at BCS, Jones is the Director of IT at Northshore Baptist Church . [1] He was educated at the Lake Washington Technical College.[2] Previous positions held:

  • Partner / Sr. Technology Consultant at Betaspace Technologies [2]
  • Network Admin at Confirma [2]

He was once reported to have "Rick Roll'd" his students during class. The students, in response, "lol'd" at his great sense of humor.
Erik Jones is no stranger to love. He's never gonna run around and leave you.

His meme, the Dancing Bear (Pirate Edition)is the one and only attempt that the students' are aware of. It isn't working. It portrays one of his friends dancing infront of a painted wall, thrusting their arms up in the air as dramatic, pirate-like music plays in the background. The painted wall was "green-screened" so that a ship is seen in the background. This feat lasts for 13 seconds.

He is going slightly (very) bald, but it gives him a manly look.

He gives out "tickets" for some correct answers. Some students have no idea what said tickets are for, but they are highly coveted.

Erik Jones has a daughter, and is assumed to be married.



[2] Erik's Linked In account

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