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Early Life[]

Tom started out as a quiet child. His quietness carried on well into his middle school years. People have called him a funny person, but that assessment is debatable. His move to BCS brought out a more social side. This was a desperate attempt to be liked by fellow students. So far he has coasted by on his good looks, original humor, and general aura of rebellion.


Music is a pretty big part of Tom's life, though not as much as it once was. When he's upset or bored, he can be found playing a musical intrument in his room. He can play guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, lap steel, and accordion. And his room is stress-inducingly crammed with these instruments.

Tom enjoys bicycles (especially vintage ones), cars (again, vintage ones are preferred), and boats. He owns a 10-foot Livingston outboard boat which, naturally, is vintage.

As far as sports go, Tom played baseball through 5th grade before retiring. He played soccer for one season in 2nd grade, and basketball for one season in 4th grade. Team sports, unfortunately, are not Tom's area of expertise.

Individualist sports like bicycling and especially windsurfing are Tom's preferred way to get out and enjoy the Great Northwest.

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