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General Information: Wikia is a free wiki hosting site, that allows users to create and run wikis free of charge. Their mail source of profit comes from advertising on each wiki. Wikia now has over 100,000 individual wikis, along with millions of pages.

Wikia runs a modified version of Media Wiki on Linux servers. Wiki is based in San Francisco, California. Angela Beesy is the VP of the company.

Wikia runs several other sites, such as wikianswers and a search engine from Wikia's home page.

Advertising and Profit:

Wikia is a for profit website, and makes money by allowing other groups to advertise on the site, as opposed to the Wikimedia Project, which is a not-for-profit wiki, run by donations from those who love Wikipedia. Wikia and Wikipedia are often confused, because of the similar sounding names. Some have accused Wikia of capitalizing on the confusion, but both the Wikimedia Project and Wikia denied this.